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  • more details add to chart Grappa Muller Thurgau 

    Typology: Grappa      % alc./vol.: 40%
    Region: Trentino Alto Adige      Producer: Villa de Varda
    Grapes: Pomace 100% of Muller Thurgau grapes 
    Description: Fruity, elegant and velvety 
    price (VAT incl.) €23.34
    (single bottle)
    Grappa Muller Thurgau  
  • more details add to chart Grappa TIGNANELLO 

    Typology: Grappa      % alc./vol.: 42%
    Region: Toscana      Area: Tenuta del Tignanello (Firenze)      Producer: Antinori
    Grapes: Pomece ot Sangiovese and Cabernet from Tignanello's estate 
    price (VAT incl.) €30.39
    (single bottle)
    Grappa TIGNANELLO  
  • more details add to chart Rhum J.M PAILLE 

    Typology: Rhum      % alc./vol.: 50%
    Region: Martinique      Area: Macouba - Martinica (isole Antille)      Producer: Rhumerie JM
    Description: Aromatic spirits with a delicate scent of mango and sugar cane, aged in oak casks for a minimum of twelve months. 
    price (VAT incl.) €30.50
    (single bottle)
    Rhum J.M PAILLE  
  • more details add to chart Whisky NC2 BOWMORE 2002 

    Typology: Whisky      % alc./vol.: 46%
    Region: Scotland      Producer: Duncan Taylor
    price (VAT incl.) €44.36
    (single bottle)
    Whisky NC2 BOWMORE 2002  
  • more details add to chart Cassetta Riserva Filippo III 

    Typology: Grappa     
    Region: Piemonte      Area: Monferrato (AL)      Producer: Antica Distilleria di Altavilla
    Description: Elegant wood box with bottle of grappa riserva Filippop III and 3 distillate glasses. 
    price (VAT incl.) €69.78
    (the box)
    Cassetta Riserva Filippo III  

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